Top school in Warlingham for the arts.

Learning to grow creatively. The Performing and Creative Arts have an important place in the life of a Warlingham Park Prep School pupil.

With weekly performing arts classes (Music, Dance, Drama) pupils not only learn to appreciate and understand different genres but start fostering the skill of performance and confidence building. There are performance opportunities for pupils throughout the year and we are proudly inclusive so all our pupils get to ‘have a go’

We offer individual and group music and Speech and communication lessons for those who wish to take part and have a range of lunchtime and after school activities for those who wish to take part.

Art and DT are also an area of our curriculum which encourage children to be creative, to work independently and to let their imagination fly. Pupils are encouraged to help design sets for the key stage plays, make props and design costumes. All part of our joined up approach to the Arts here at school.