Learning to grow

At Warlingham Park School we aim to provide a setting where all pupils can thrive as individuals and where a high level of pastoral care is the basis for achievements, both in and out of the classroom.

We believe that like adults, children have different learning styles and we provide a learning experience that stretches a wide and varied curriculum where opportunities to thrive abound. ‘Learning to grow’ is a phrase that sums up our education and focuses on the skills that children need to learn for the next steps of their education and beyond.

Our code of conduct known as the ‘Warlingham Way’ encourages our children to be resilient, creative learners, to persevere when things are challenging, and to develop independence.

Respect is a word you will hear a lot at our school. Pupils and staff are respectful of each other, of different faiths and cultures, of our environment and of the world around us, and pupils foster self-respect from an early age.

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Learning to grow...