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Just as we understand that education is not a ‘one size fits all’ we also acknowledge that choosing a senior school for your child will be an individual journey for both parents and pupils. At Warlingham Park School we believe that preparing children for 11+ exams requires a comprehensive approach that focuses on both academic and emotional development. We work closely with parents to ensure that the transition to their child’s next school is a positive experience for all.

Our preparation for senior school starts in Year 3 where all children are introduced to verbal and non verbal reasoning, and regular tests are introduced. As children move through the school, they will be exposed to elements of the 11+ tests in their English and Maths and will learn how to plan, structure and write discursive, persuasive and book essays. They will have regular assessments with detailed written reports sent home twice a year.

Working together at our start of year information sessions you will hear how the process for senior school admissions work. At the end of Year 4 parents are invited to meet with the Head to discuss their child’s progress and in Year 5 a dedicated information session on the 11+ process is held for parents. At this session parents hear about open mornings, different schools within the area, important dates, scholarship opportunities - and have the chance to ask questions.

11+ club

We run weekly sessions out of school hours dedicated to 11+ exams. These sessions run from the start of Spring Term in Year 5 to the end of Autumn Term in Year 6. We regularly assess your child's progress through mock tests and practice papers and identify areas of improvement and provide additional support or resources as needed.

The hour long sessions include:

  • Understanding the exam format.
  • Helping pupils and parents to create a structured study plan that covers all the necessary subjects.
  • Strengthening core skills and building on the strong foundations learned in school in core subjects such as English, mathematics, and verbal/non-verbal reasoning. Regular practice sessions and revision are essential to reinforce these skills.
  • Using practice papers, and books that are specifically designed for 11+ exams.
  • Interview preparation including mock interviews.
  • Practising time management by using timed exercises and mock tests to improve speed and accuracy.

"What a healthy, happy and safe environment for our son’s learning and development. We will be so sad when our Warlingham Park School journey comes to an end! Thank you for all the care you have taken in looking after our son’s wellbeing. He has loved the sports, drama, maths, science, forest school, looking after the chickens and helping younger year groups with their reading. As parents, we are grateful for the 11 plus preparation you provided and the opportunities you have given him." Current Parent, 2023

We believe that the journey is one in which we are all involved. 

Please use the dropdown box below to view how we work with parents to prepare their child for the 11+. 

Parental Support

Encouraging reading: Promote a love for reading by providing a variety of age-appropriate books. Reading enhances vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills, which are crucial for success in the exams.

Fostering a positive mindset: Help children develop a positive attitude towards exams by emphasizing the importance of effort, perseverance, and self-belief. Encourage them to stay calm and confident during the exam period.

Balancing academics with relaxation: While it's important to focus on academics, ensure that children have time for relaxation, hobbies, and physical activities. A well-rounded approach will help them stay motivated and reduce stress.

Celebrating achievements: Acknowledge and celebrate your child's efforts and achievements throughout the preparation process. This will boost their confidence and motivation.

Remember, it's crucial to maintain a healthy balance between exam preparation and overall well-being. Encourage children to enjoy the learning process and remind them that exams are just one part of their educational journey