Baby Nursery in Warlingham

Our brand new Warlingham Park Prep School baby room offers expert provision for babies age 6 months to 2 years. Our 1:3 adult/child ratio ensures our qualified staff provide only the best care in a cosy setting, with a home from home feel.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is followed, with the main focus on the 3 prime areas of development (personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication and language development) The babies are given opportunities to explore through a variety of experiences including messy play, arts and crafts, songs and stories, dance, outdoor play and much more.

Our baby room is fully equipped with a kitchenette for meal preparation and a separate sleep room for maximum quality sleep. We also have a specific changing area within the room to ensure our ratios can be maintained.

Parents are kept informed about their children throughout the day via an app called Famly. We actively encourage parents to be as involved as possible throughout their child’s journey at nursery. Each individual routine is catered for and supported by staff and all food, either from our weaning menu or school menu is included in your monthly fee. We are proud to announce that our menus have been carefully designed by a team of ILG cooks who are passionate about nutrition and wellbeing.

Being on the school premises allows the babies to be a part of the WPS school family and therefore they are welcome to enjoy the wealth of facilities the school has to offer. They will also have opportunities to get to know other children of all ages throughout the school during combined learning time and play times.

We offer 1 week of complimentary settling in sessions to enable your baby to feel safe and secure in their new nursery environment. This also gives parents and carers an opportunity to get to know the staff.

Feel free to email the Nursery Manager, Claire on for any more information.